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Oct 31, 2013 7:00pm PDT
did. you're the 2012 intel science fair-- which is a national science fair, right? >> international. >> stephen: my apologies. international science fair. you kicked a little international butt in this one. grand prize winnings scientist at age 16, right? (cheers and applause) explain to the good people what your invention did? >> so essentially what i created was a new way to detect pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer and it costs three cents and takes five minutes to run so it's like a diabetic test strip, you take a drop of blood and you can instantly diagnose that. (cheers and applause). >> stephen: okay, all right perhaps even more interesting than the fact you did it at 16, you thought of it at age 14? >> yes, in my high school biology class. >> stephen: what occurred to you? did you get hit over the head and have a dream about -- what dawned on you? >> i was reading a scientific article, sneaking it under my desk. >> stephen: so you were goofing off like kids do by reading scientific articles. i know high school freshmen. go ahead. (laughter) >> and what happened is we were l
Nov 3, 2013 7:00am PST
, and flooding in new york america. >>> thousands of kids learned more about science this week. the third annual bay area science festival kicked off yesterday. they got to see science and robotics in action when a robot did the ribbon cutting honors. and then they explored free hands-on science activities at more than 100 different booths as well as meeting with scientists and tech experts from local companies. >> we are the science hub of the country, and we have to lead by example, and if our young folks aren't engaged in science, where are they going to be in this country? >> organizers hope that event will encourage young people to pursue careers in science. >>> still ahead on "today in the bay," the bay area says good-bye to one of its most well-known sports staples. we'll show you how much it cost the giants to cut ties with barry zito. >>> and warriors say last night's win over their northern california rifleavals say it wa very big deal. >>> you are watching "today in the bay." >> good morning, oakland. looking live at stadium. a win would give the silver and black a .500 regard th
Nov 3, 2013 7:00am EST
. >> today on the "animal science ." one of the fiercest animals to walk the earth. otherwise known as a saber tooth tiger. and do you know the name of this strange looking feline? it is one of 600 million domesticated cats in the world. and a lion's roar is not only frightening, it is incredibly loud. 20 times -- 25 times louder than a lawn mower. today, we are all about cats, wild, domestic, prehistoric, and modern. welcome to the fascinating world of "animal science." they are, at once, ferocious and playful. solidary and social. endangered and abundant. this bundle of contradictions is known to us as the cat. 25 million years ago, the first felids emerged. in time, to recap some families stalked the earth. one consisting of the tiger, the lion, and leopard, called pan 3. a second, called the cukor, eetah, and lynx, caleed sunday. and there is a third family called hold onto your hats. it included one of the fiercest looking creatures ever to inhabit the earth, the saber tooth tiger, or smilodon. the smilodon was 5 feet long from tail to head. speech, the smilodon's hind legs, ne
Nov 1, 2013 10:30am PDT
'll buy that gates that's conveyed to get packing. he paid the price and is now studying computer science soon he'll be back in full a job that he would be toking to the government's thinking that i'm only buying one the nicholson thousand five hundred to go x hahas. still what people would still have few weeks yet time and space plus a committee agendas they should be trying to improve its security footage was trying to hop up and stood to greet us. but presumably it was a son and i did at my fix and are planning to get cca to the clinic since they didn't think that helped re tell the hurricane. but the revelations that united tca ski with it unfolds in mind that they did that but since this is that if he doesn't exactly have the best reputation of the mavens of many. what national security have become come to that wedding. even though the loss of innocent kids to the service had been set it's quite difficult to bite into the issue of national security. especially when national security since he still often get things done basic civil liberties. all the mundane in the scenario lessons ar
Nov 2, 2013 10:00am PDT
minds gathered here in seoul to discuss the future of the molecular sciences on two days after ten we meet with one of the world's most pre eminent tennis to discuss why science matters to all of us stay with us
Nov 3, 2013 5:00pm PST
. life is a blast. water would be for science. as of very bad about him just like any common american town goes off least get to come here but i mean it's absolutely beautiful place in you get a round of other stuffs getting around the other stuff is not hard. a lot of what goes on here is kept under a thick veil of denial and secrecy and also houses the hospital and down librarian this is also a place where patients are force fed and even though the hunger strike is largely an officially said to me over we know that at least fifteen people are continually being force fed here today. the tube is passed down to a person's nostril and pushed all the way down to their stomach before it passed on the nose wheel over to him we give the patient choice. they want help liking. which is the agent. you will. no my period or if they want. olive oil to lubricated the two most of our patients have been using olive oil. he seemed like it. in fact some of our patients are so used to this they will. this guy which nostril they want. this well major world medical bodies are in agreement that force fee
Al Jazeera America
Nov 2, 2013 11:00am EDT
. >> can science prevent concussions? >> i did my job and just had to sacrifice my brain to do it. >> the final farewell for an american space hero. family, friends and dignitaries will pay their respect to scott carpenter in colorado today. carpenter died on october 10th at the age of 88. the public service will follow a private family funeral. john glenn is scheduled to speak at the memorial service. >>> thousands of people in france are protesting against new taxes. the government has promised increases of $4 billion to reduce the national deficit. >> reporter: several thousand people here in northwest france, they are furious about their so-called ecotax that the president, president hollande, wants to introduce. he's already backtracked slightly. he's going to suspend it for more talks, but the people here want it scrapped all together. they say it will jeopardize their livelihoods. the area has been hit hard recently by factory closures mainly in the food processing business. they say they're being under cut by cheap labor elsewhere in the european union. they're particularl
Al Jazeera America
Nov 2, 2013 1:00pm EDT
shows us california's hi tech grapes - how science can achieve perfection in a glass. i'm phil torres. i'm an
Al Jazeera America
Nov 3, 2013 2:00am EST
science can achieve perfection in a glass. i'm phil torres. i'm an
Oct 28, 2013 6:00am PDT
of tomorrow, a french journalist gathers the information on post disaster japan. david is a science journalist and director who appears on many scientific tv programs in france. with a doctorate in molecular and cellular biology he's a comment tater. immediately after the 3/11 earthquake he began visiting regula currently, he has a strong
Oct 29, 2013 5:30pm PDT
to mark the occasion. >> it's interesting that japan is fourth or so in the world in science education which is great. united states is way low. >> he told the students japan has the potential and technology to be a leader in soft wire development. he encouraged them to study and help each other find a solution when faced with a challenge. students tried out computer programming with the mpo staff using a $30 pc developed in britain. they learned developing skills to make the cats on the screen move freely. >> translator: i've never done computer programming so i assumed it was difficult. when i tried it, it was really fun. >> google plans to make the program available for more than 25,000 children across japan over the next year. >>> the reserve bank of india is trying to combat rising prices in asia's second most popular economy. it decided to raise the key interest rate tuesday for the second time in two months suggesting it sees inflation as a bigger economic risk than slowing growth. the rbi lifted the policy rate by 25 basis points to 7.75%. the bank expressed concern in the late
Nov 4, 2013 7:30am EST
and science, we can use some mathematicians. clearly in m children. my wife homeschools. we got them into music and immediately, all of their subjects got better. unfortunately, it means everything and one of the first things to go as the music program. -- is the music program. tavis: why did you choose to homeschool? >> we are church people. we are believers. we wanted to make sure that our .hildren were specially guided you don't get that in schools. good at it.ery i don't think it is for everybody. if you are not good, you can hire other people to help you do it.
Al Jazeera America
Nov 4, 2013 1:00pm EST
-feeding is definitely still going on. participation of behavioral science consultants as they're called is still -- they're still being used to support interrogation. >> well, we thank you very much indeed, that's leonard rubenstein talking to us from boston. >> thank you. >> well, coming up on the news hour, the recent partial government shutdown in the u.s. has left certain americans searching for future. >> is the u.s. government going to be functioning in the future? that matters what happens here in mobile, alabama. >> and the wtp finals. [[voiceover]] every day, events sweep across our country. and with them, a storm of views. how can you fully understand the impact unless you've heard angles you hadn't considered? antonio mora brings you smart conversation that challenges the status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours. al jazeera america - a new voice in american journalism - >> introduces america tonight. >> in egypt, police fired teargas at supporters of the ... >> a fresh take on the stories that connect to you. [[voiceover]] they risk never returning to the unite
Nov 1, 2013 1:00am EDT
kind, that is all occurring at the intersections of markets and sciences. and the united states, because of this entrepreneurial system, because of what it teaches in the schools, specially universities, because of the way kids grow up in the system, to look at opportunity, not a problem. to go at the answer, to work out the how to make the path were green,et more how to reduce the human footprint on the planet -- these are the things that make united states the attractive part of the work to invest in, because you can do it here. 70% of all the dow r&d in united states is done in the united states. right now the united states is unbeatable for that. second, the value added on resources, how is putting its money where its mouth is. we're putting 5 billion dollars against the national gas advantage that was talked about. we are putting thousands of jobs at work. this will create up to 2 million jobs in the next several years. a lot of that will be exporting brains and of course a little bit of brawn. >> thank you, andrew. [applause] having heard from these three global business l
Nov 1, 2013 5:00pm PDT
to get packing. he paid the price and is now studying computer science soon he'll be back in full a job that he would be toking to the government's thinking that i'm only buying one. i have ethical principles and try to take on vintage ago ex tigers. still what people would still have the receipt of time in states with the committee agendas. they should be trying to improve its security footage was trying to hop off the streets to greet us. the wa based on and tied it at my fix and are planning to get cca to the clinic since they didn't think to how pray tell the hurricane. but the revelations that united to a tee with it unfolds in mind that they did that but since this is that if he doesn't exactly have the best reputation of the mavens of many. what national security have become come to that sweater. even for the loss of innocent kids inside his head in the process. it's quite difficult to bite the issue of national security especially when national security since he still often infringe on basic civil liberty. all the mundane to me today about persons are fit to fly toward would jus
Nov 3, 2013 5:30pm PST
for buyer natchez third science buyer labor treason suffered an upset defeat to bottom of the table brown's five. with less than ten minutes to go down the two male escort for the home side. the lone goal bound brown tried to claim their first home win of the season the simmons and lock box score their first away win of the season beating him her to yell and the full stride knox chris that's a thing for both goals moscow's is called the game winner for the bump with some help from her notes on the peanuts is old age the twenty third minute was intercepted opens his poorly paced back post and send it around goalkeeper many of them to open the scoring that wasn't the end so bases that knocks. sixty third minutes he lost the bolted on a midfield of siam. he then posted closer than it is his seventh goal of the season but didn't get done. twice as many shots on goal as their opponents but still to count the two lines and in the ends and came away empty handed. so let's take a look at this weekend's results there you see those victories by oxford and brandon as well in saturday's winners by mu
Oct 31, 2013 2:00pm EDT
and sciences. and the united states, the course -- because of his entrepreneurial system, because of what it teaches in the schools, specially universities, because of the ways kids grow up in the system, to look at opportunity, not a problem. to go at the answer, to work out the how to make the path were great, how to reduce the human footprint on the problem -- on the planet -- these are the things that make united states the attractive part of the work to invest in, because you can do it here. 70 are sent of all the dow r and inn united states is done the united states. right now the united states is unbeatable for that. second, the value added on resources, how is putting its money where its mouth is. we're putting 5 billion dollars against the national gas advantage that was talked about. we are putting thousands of jobs at work or at -- at work. this will create up to 2 million jobs in the next several years. a lot of that will be exporting brains and of course a little bit of iran. >> thank you, andrew. [applause] having heard from these three global business leaders, gene, i know
Oct 31, 2013 4:00pm EDT
opportunity using science and technology to create a better understanding of landscapes than ever before. important conservation goals and achieve our development objectives together. it is not an either/or. as we seek to meet president 20,000 ohl of approving megawatts of renewable energy on public lands. it is a goal that my predecessor made huge strides in. in southern california, we are working with the state on something called the desert renewable energy conservation plan. it is an ambitious plan. we intend to understand conservation objectives. we will be blending science and satellite data and also high- priority conservation land in the mojave desert. it is interesting because i happen to know to young scientists, who both did some of their early work by counting desert tortoises. i did not know why they were counting desert tortoises until i came to this job. i came to the fish and wildlife service to understand its habitat. beyond the desert, southwest, the mojave desert, we are also going to take in approach -- an approach in alaska. we want to protect over 13 million acres.
Nov 1, 2013 4:00am EDT
the plane and virtually every speech i've given science then, i've always said my first goal is to rebuild the trust. it's gotten more difficult, but it's not impossible. i've seen a lot in the press about are we partners or are we friends. it is boebl to be both. and it's possible for friends to be disappointed in one another, to disagree, to have our opinions and to work that through in order to maintain a strong and long-term relationship. and i'm confident that at the end of the day that's what we'll be able to do. >> that's what diplomatic speak sounds like. we have edward with us from the economist. your book was about the untold story of the east and west espionage. but this is west and west espionage. has the story evolved further? >> well, actually, i observed this german outrage with a little bit of executive simple. because one of the things i show in my book was germany was spying to estonia, using the same spy who is spying for the russians. so the real point is that almost every country spies on other countries and bigger countries spy a lot. germany has an electronic intelli
Al Jazeera America
Oct 28, 2013 10:00am EDT
need. we need a new generation, the science may be more difficult than the ones in the past. the government could thing about how to stim u lat it research, participate, help the smaller companies that want to tackle this, find the capital. when we have a problem as a society, we are not getting answers from the private sector - that's a time for the government to act. >> i know doctors and patients can help out by using antibiotics in the proper way, and not over using them. super storm sandy and the effects it still has on americans. >> we do not wanna let sandy dictate our lives., and we never will... >> surviving sandy, one year later... tomorrow 7 am - easten on al jazeera america >>> despite 12 years of the u.s.-led war on terror, radical islamist movements are active and growing around the world. fortunately the dive into islamist ideology is not always a one-way trip. this was a hip-hop loving teenager when at 16 he joined the islamist group whose goal fate. >> for 13 years of my life i considered america my enemy. i worked diligently to overthrow governments, recrui
FOX News
Oct 30, 2013 3:00am PDT
're put into a big pool, your rate will by science will go up. >> is it stkpw-g to work? -- is it going to work? >> i believe it is a lofty goal. i think it is a good idea for consumers to stop using the emergency room and to have wellness benefits is a good thing. i truly believet's see what hap. thank you. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. the e.p.a. shutting down a cheerleader squad's car wash claiming the car wash hurts the environment. is that government regulation gone too far? of course it is. one of the cheerleaders here next. >>> a russian operative put up front to spy on the united states. was it really inside a goodie bag they handed out at the summit? ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. medicare open enrollment. of year again. whole grains... time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. buit never hurts to see if u can find bettoverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care la open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the ti
FOX News
Oct 31, 2013 11:00pm PDT
that deal with everything else in life that matters, you know, the stuff that's elegant, beautiful, science, art, poetry, all the dogs and cats, i have got a lot of that in there, too. but, in the end i decided i couldn't really because in the end unless you get your politics right everything else right and beautiful can be swept away. we see that in germany 1930s, china cultural revolution today in north korea. they have this crazy stalinist regime. the land is desolate. and also because i was once a doctor and i decided to become a writer for exactly that same reason. doctor doctor's life is a noble life. but, on the other hand, unless you get your politics right, unless society orders itself, it essentially is politics is the moat that protects you against by barians, external and internal. and that's why i got into writing. >> what's the biggest change in your politics? if you look back, like when you first started writing, early 800s, how you have changed the most? >> well, it is true that i was once a speech writer for walter mondale in 1980 and often asked how do you goat from walter
FOX News
Nov 1, 2013 12:00am PDT
buttocks is attributed to science. unfor the nayly the study -- unfortunately the study is three years old, but who cares because -- >> it's news to us. >> it is true. it allows us to do any story because if we haven't heard about it it is new to us and it is therefore news to us. >> we found the loophole. >> we will exploit that loophole. we are going to run that loophole until it is -- >> a lot of new shows get more respect than us. we are the first show in history to find this loophole. this is the magic loophole. >> big question here, how do you think they got the women with the big and small butts to participate in a study? they must have told them it was about something else, right? >> that sounds reasonable. i think that song "i like big butts" i think that takes on a whole new meaning. now it actually seems like maybe they are looking for the perfect woman. >> it is an intellectual statement. >> i like big butts means i am after your mind. >> who knew sir mix-a-lot was just looking for somebody who could challenge him intellectually? >> it is a compliment when you tell somebody the
Oct 31, 2013 4:00pm EDT
to a science. coming up, we'll talk about what they're doing here. we'll also talk about some of the trick or treaters. and we always, of course, urge you to do it safely. sending it back to you on television hill. >> good advice to be safe, tim. thank you very much. >>> let's check on the roads with wjz traffic control. hi, kristy. >> hi, kai. hi, everyone. happy halloween. we have delays to start off. 70 westbound, from 29 to marriottsville road. traveling on the west side inner loop, stop and go from wilkens avenue, past liberty. average speed there, about 29 miles per hour average. on the top side of the beltway a lot of congestion from the jones falls expressway past perring parkway. also watch for congestion on northbound 95. stretching from 32 to 100. then you'll see traffic slow down again, from 395, approaching the fort mchenry tunnel. if you are traveling in baltimore, a couple of events. and also because of the university of baltimore event, watch for closures. mountain royal between west oliver and cathedral. let's now take a live look. as you can see, we have a bit of a volume
Oct 29, 2013 7:00am EDT
that science and engineering is good to do, because they will see it writ large on the paper. there will be calls for engineers to help us go ice fishing where there is a notion of water that has been liquid for billions of years. we are going to dig through the soils of mars and look for life. look at the nasa portfolio today. chemistry, physics, geology -- planetary geology -- chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, all the stem fields represented in the nasa portfolio. umps that, asa p flywheel that society taps for innovations. >> booktv has aired over 40,000 programs about nonfiction books and authors. booktv, every weekend on c- span2. "washington journal" continues. host: we are back to the last remaining minutes of "washington to go outsideant washington and in your take on whether congress should endorse or stop the nsa spying program. you have seen the papers this morning, that president obama was made aware is past summer about spying on allies, and the head of the intelligence feinstein, said that that is a big problem and she would like to see a total review of
Al Jazeera America
Oct 31, 2013 2:00pm EDT
world number one needs a good result in china to reach the science of ending raise to dubai after a relatively poor season for him. he's made a pretty good start, shooting a 7 under par 65. to finish 2 shots clear of the field. >> yeah, it was good. you know, i played very well, controlled my ball real will for the first 12 or 13 holes. had a couple of shots coming in that i got away with, but it was nice to birdie, you know, one of the last couple. you know, great start to the tournament. and you know, right where i want to be. >>> cricket bangladesh have completed a one-day international series sweep against knew zealand, they have taken an unassailable 2-0 lead over the kiwis. the hosts reached 247. they just then dismissed the black happens for 207 to win by 41. more sport on our website check out that's it, more later. >> thank you. >>> stay with us here on al jazerra, a full bulletin of news of course is state ahead at the top of the our. thank to watching al jazerra. bye for now. >>> this is al jazerra america, live from new york city i am tony harris
Nov 1, 2013 7:00pm PDT
important things within its rights education and you know science is that when it's time to think of june st back in june the turkish presence felt for a face and on present wave of protests was his star power late today after this week that seen these these events that the prime minister moved from its own. i think i think that turkey stuffing turkey had this dessert of this honeymoon period in around two thousand the ninth and where was this this regional and no no problems with neighbors policy and it was becoming the regional mediator they can get ever wanted to talk to each other and and and and and and solve problems. on that. beginning with the conflicts that israel and and then exacerbating during ddr spring has pretty much does it mean turkey is really struggling to find its footing on a whole host of of pretty problematic issues in the region. relations with iran sufferers are now trying to restore them relations with baghdad suffered enough time to restore the monies in relations with syria and israel and egypt. and since that is since the military who also suffered differences wi
Oct 31, 2013 12:00am PDT
to a kind of interesting public boarding school that they called the governor's school for science and math. >> rose: i know about the governor's school. >> yeah and it was really cool for me because it had kids from different parts of the state and even though it seemed like that wouldn't be that much more diverse than kid just from the city it really was, kids from cities and stuff exposed to different things and it was, you know, a more advanced course work and -- >> rose: going back to the governor's school and the people that knew you then would you say he was the funniest guy in the class. >> i was pretty funny i remember there used to be from eight to ten you lived in like dorms and from eight to 10:00 you would have to stay in your room and studied and from 10:00 to 11:00 you could come down and hang out so 10:00 to 11:00 people would be congregating sitting zero berchts and tell stories and stuff like that, so, you know, i think that was kind of like, you know, i always enjoyed telling stories and things of that nature which is kind of a form of stand-up in a way so i was funny in
Oct 29, 2013 12:00pm EDT
in may. he attended cross bury high school, and received his bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering and computer science from the university of connecticut. he's a veteran of three space flights having logged nearly 40 days in space. he continues to be an inspiration for students back home in connecticut and around the world. we wish him the best of luck and a safe journey. thank you. i yield back my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back. for what purpose does the gentleman from texas seek recognition? >> to address the house for one minute. revise and extend. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman from texas is recognized for one minute. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. conaway: just how the unaffordable care act as i'm often corrected back home in district 11, let's look at recent headlines about the launch of the new website. the "orlando sentinel" called it a hit or miss proposition. cnn called it, americans are still having a tough time. what an understatement. we all know how about the obamacare website built with taxpayer dolla
Nov 4, 2013 1:35am EST
that science and engineering is good to do because they'll see it large on the paper. there will be calls for engineers to help us go eyes fishing where there is an ocean of liquid for billions of years. we're going to dig through the soils and look for life. look at the nasa portfolio today. it's got biology, chemistry, physics, aerospace engineers, electrical engineers, all the stem fields. science technology, engineering and math represented in the nasaport. a healthy nasa pump that is. it's a fly wheel that society taps for invasions. >> over the past 15 years book tv aired over 40,000 programs about non-fiction books and thors. ? what's the most important issue congress should consider in 2014? that's the question for middle and high school students in span's student video cam competition. include c-span video for your chance to twin grand prize of $5,000 and we double the number of winners and prices this year. need more information go to student >> on thursday tennessee senator bob corker the top republican corker was addressing the ambassador to syria at this hearing. it
Oct 28, 2013 2:00pm PDT
tools you need without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >>> these two people are dead and a third reported missing after what some forecasters predicted could be the worst storm to hit southern england in a decade. hurricane force wind gusts of close to 100 miles an hour left hundreds of thousands of homes without power, roads and railways blocked by fallen trees, flood warnings are in effect across the region. >>> up next, four weeks after the website rollout, where does obama care stand right now? where is it headed? a major debate. get ready. >>> the obama administration is reporting that a weekend crash of the obama care website has now been fixed. things are back up and running again. but up and running is, of course, a relative term. four weeks into the obama care rollout, where does the controversial program stand right now? where is it heading? let's have a serious discussion right now between the "new york times" columnist nicholas kristof and bill kristol. thanks for coming in. do you have an understanding how the adm
Al Jazeera America
Oct 31, 2013 7:00am EDT
science professor and expert on the d.n.c. from columbia university's bernard college. a lot of people suggest that the world has blood on its hands when it comes to the congo, livingston and the belgium and the practice of slaves hands cut off. are we finally now starting to see an end to that bloody era in the d.r.c. >> i wish, but i'm afraid we are not. there is still as you can see in the reporting, there is still a lot of violence continuing and very, very little done to end the violence right now. >> this is often referred to as the forgotten conflict, 5 million people killed since 1998, millions before that. why is it forgotten? why did the world not pay attention? >> it's very differ to answer that question. as you say, it is one of the deadliest conflicts since world war ii, if not the deadliest conflict. it is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. it has destabilized africa for 20 years. the conflict rarely makes the headlines. there is very little diplomatic engagement, very little help or assistance to the congalese people. >> the congo is the heart of africa, rich
Nov 1, 2013 6:00pm EDT
in negotiations, but i make the case to use the political science term that we are dealing with rational actor situation. iran is making a choice. has a choice before it. and this seems supported by recent events. on the one hand, why would iran pursue a nuclear weapon? well, look at the region it lives in. it's got a nuclear power pakistan on the border with which they have not had fantastic relations over the years. a hostile relationship with saudi arabia, with whom it's fighting a proxy war in syria. a three-decade hostile long relationship with the united states. that lead to international sanctions and wrecked the iranian economy which iran needs relief. i think it's a key motivation, i think, for the latest diplomatic flurry. and the turn about israel which considers an iran man nuclear weapon an external threat. those might be incentive to pursue a nuclear weapon or perhaps not pursue a nuclear weapon if there are incentive this being the economic seeing vising economic relief to the people when some of a reduction in regional security which may be the motivations for these program in
FOX Business
Oct 29, 2013 11:00am EDT
much more appealing, we're stabilizing, earth science recovery in the u.s. is leading that. connell: where are you in interest rates for bonds? >> we will see interest rates go up, jus it's just a matter of w. large pension funds institutional investors with a fixed income allocations. they have overturned for the last five years. connell: to what level do you care about what is happening in washington, first it was the debt ceiling stuff, health care debate, is it just noise in the background or is affecting business investing? >> it does infect us. 10 years of you spent time on the macro, the politics waste of the resources and investment firm now. you have to spend time on it. it is not a good idea. although it does affect you. what was interesting about the last showdown is a lot of people cap our position going into it because the threat of doom and gloom did not come to pass. that was damaging to the economy. the market was higher by the end of the showdown and people were focused on the economy nothing focused on government. connell: you cry wolf. dagen: that is what it will
Oct 29, 2013 8:00am EDT
back to the ideological struggle. ten years ago the defense science board released a report to don rumsfeld in which it said, quote: the united states cannot win the war on terror unless we win the war on ideas, and we're losing the war on ideas. that is true today. during world war ii we and the buritz had great prop -- and the brits had great propaganda. reagan's comments to gorbachev, take down the wall. why are we so inept is in not having a gray and white propaganda campaign to discredit and do all the things we need to do? the only thing state is doing is trying to turn a couple youth off the internet from becoming recruiters for al-qaeda. why is it impossible for us to mount the campaign that could have big dividends for a small amount of money? >> well, a couple things. again, quote tom friedman twice in the same morning, same piece he wrote, you know, to underscore the fact that we're not winning the ideological struggle, syria, i think, is a great example of that. because, okay, you've got assad -- not popular by any stretch of the imagination -- you've got a lot of sort
Nov 3, 2013 7:00am EST
there is a very legitimate debate over which side is more likely to win. all this is sort of art based on science. it is a little bit of both. , first of all, jennifer duffy, our senate or governor, editor. she has been doing this since 1988. i have been doing it since 1984. have seen every seat come out. what we hear from strategist, what we have from people was talked in the state, what the numbers look like. what the opposition looks like. restart a for the general assessment and these things evolve over the course of an election cycle. mcconnell oftch kentucky. the senate republican leader and the democratic side mark dreier who is seeking reelection. then you have to currently democratic seats that are leaning republican in montana and west virginia. a number of lean democratic seats held by democrats baggage another in indiana, mary landrieu in indiana. carl levin is retiring in michigan and kay hagan who is seeking reelection in north carolina. the way i start offending it up seatsre are 34 democratic that are not up this time. 31 republican. then thereabouts seven gimme putts for democrat
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Oct 31, 2013 8:00am PDT
.gov website i have a meeting with house science and technology committee about that. imagine if we allowed the government to design facebook or twitter or foursquare or youtube? these guys, if you want to design something that consumers are going to use get outside the government. got to get outside the mentality and got to let the private market develop the technology because this is what they're in the business of doing. the government's more concerned about the process where private sector is more concerned about the outcome. and that is the inherent conflict. that's why they can't do it. jenna: quick final question from the private company perspective because we've been following this for a few days. by the way, this is google's quote about the government nsa report. we are outraged at the links the government seems haveto have gone to intercept data from our private fiber networks is what they have to say. there is google reports about mysterious floating barge in san francisco bay. what are they up to? do you think it is wanting data in a different place where it can't be touched? >>
Oct 28, 2013 3:00am PDT
the online trading tools you need without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. . >> if the english site isn't working, try to sign up in a different language like icelandic. choose one of four simple plans. now, that's fun. and if the site keeps freezing, we have provided links to other helpful websites such as where you can purchase airline tickets to canada and buy cheaper prescription drugs. >> it was funny. it was funny. people may not like the message, but it was funny. listen to this one. are we watching football? i hope so. lion's wide receiver calvin johnson, he is known as megatoronto. he can transfer games. 329 receiving gives the cowboys the second greatest game by a receiver. let's bring in andy schultz to talk about it. it's just huge plays. we haven't seen anything like this in decades. >> that's right. chris. we might not see another game like this for a very long time. it was an incredible performance by megatoronto. his effort helped the lions make an improbable comeback. he got him down to the 1 yard. check
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Oct 31, 2013 3:00am PDT
a demonstration because one of my science teachers did this to illustrate what dry ice is and the process this goes through 'cause it goes through something called sublimation, which is when ice goes from a substance to a gas. here is dry ice. everybody know what is it looks like. for halloween, you can drop it into a cup of hot water and then it will create that fog. it's a little breezy. so it's actually going towards the side over here. this is something you can do on halloween. if you're safe in a well ventilated area and with gloves, of course. now let's look at the weather conditions across the country because we do have some extreme weather to tell you about, especially across parts of texas where we have flash flood warnings in effect and watches stretching up through sections of missouri. we've had eight inches of rain in some of these areas. again, very dangerous weather ongoing across that area. now we want to take a look at that storm system producing some areas of rain, from texas all the way up into the great lakes and later on this afternoon, we do have the risk for severe
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